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Virginia Fitzgerald

"Garden of Eden"

Virginia Fitzgerald

Garden of Eden

My piece, ‘Garden of Eden’, is a pure celebration of the beauty and wonder of the uterus, the center of creation, the source of life. I am incensed that a woman’s uterus is the source of political and religious debate. It is as if this wonderful and unique part of a woman’s body is being used as a weapon against women, with the limiting of resources for good and affordable reproductive healthcare and the controlling of women’s life choices.

This war on women’s bodies must stop! Governments and religious organizations need to get out of this dialogue. A woman’s body is her body and she should be the only one who makes the decisions about what happens or doesn’t happen with her body. I wonder how men would feel if the government was limiting their choices. I wonder how successful a law about who can and cannot get a vasectomy would be ?!?!