Robertson, Stephanie Lewis - The Exquisite Uterus Project Robertson

Stephanie Lewis Robertson

"Her Power Is in Her Passion"

Stephanie Lewis Robertson

Her Power Is in Her Passion

Elusive patterns and rich seductive colors, layer upon layer. I sing to my fabric while I work, composing thread and color, cloth and my visual voice. My current work includes images of brains and brain scans, spider webs and labyrinths and is directly influenced by the stroke my husband had on June 23, 2009. In my life now there is only “before” and “after” the stroke. Before the stroke, I knew what my work was about: beauty, power, texture, pattern, women, spirituality. After the stroke, I believe it includes all those themes, but also healing, tenacity, prayer, and love.

The inspiration for her power is in her passion came from images of passion flowers or passiflora. As I looked at the Exquisite Uterus fabric, I immediately thought of stamens and pistils. I knew that the piece had to be a three-dimensional construction, which might not fit the parameters of the project, but was what I needed to create. And I also wanted to say that MY power is from my womanhood, my uterus, and that people better damn well keep their political business out of my place of power. Just saying.